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My name is Nicole Heins. I believe wholeheartedly in living a life less ordinary. In chasing after dreams with wild and ferocious abandon. My interest in Broadcast Journalism has been around my whole life. I grew up watching all the award shows, and anything having to do with Hollywood culture. I like watching news shows to keep me up to date on what is happening from the East to West coasts. I have always loved telling stories, but never thought it would turn into my passion. My sophomore year in college is when I decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, and am doing anything I can in order to fulfill my dream.


I graduated Colorado State University Fort Collins with a B.A. in Journalism and Media Communication with an emphasis in broadcast in May 2017. I have previous experience producing entertainment television shows and I enjoy the fast paced life this career brings. This is my portfolio to showcase pieces I am most proud of.

Based on the Jobzology career test, I can tell you that I value Achievement, relationships, and independence. I am artistic, extroverted, conscientious, and open to new experiences. When it comes to the work place I find myself the happiest in places where I can collaborate with a team and be innovative. 

I believe in accomplishing tasks when someone tells me I am not able too. I believe in being the best person I can be. I believe in doing what makes you the happiest. But most importantly I believe in documenting stories of those within my community. It’s about telling your story and creating videos that matter.

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