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Collegian TV Producing

The summer of 2016 I had an internship at V3 Media where I was the producer of a series of client testimonial videos. 


In August of 2016 I began as the assistant producer where I made occasional packages, wrote scripts in Ross Inception, and made all of the graphics for the show.


As of January 2017 I took the reins as producer, and currently I manage a team of 7 people, create packages, write scripts, and backtime the entire 30 minute show, RamLife Entertainment within Ross Inception.  


Tonight on RamLife Entertainment anchors Nicole Heins and Emma Iannacone bring you the latest in entertainment news. Beer buds Frank Conley and Caesy Robinson bring you a new beer at a new brewery, and Ryan Crist brings you the latest in the world of film.


This is an example of when I was Assistant Producer of RamLife Entertainment. Tonight on the show, anchors Courtney Fromm and Vinny Sangaline discuss the fall clean up, strange news, and an interview with a drag performer. Frank Conley brings you the latest in the world of film.


Scott Fulbright, CEO and co-founder of Living Ink Technologies considers his company's experience with a Kickstarter crowdfunding product video, produced by V3 Media, a huge success. Scott Fulbright relates his experience with the ability of video to communicate a highly unique brand and product with great effectiveness.


On the last episode of RamLife Entertainment, anchors Nicole Heins and Emma Iannacone bring you the latest in strange news, local events, an more. Delaney Herring finds out which of her roommates should be the new Bachelorette. Ryan Crist brings you the latest in the world of fill and the Beer Buds Frank Conley and Casey Robinson are at yet another brewery with another beer.


Ramlife Entertainment is back! Nicole Heins and Emma Iannacone have the latest and greatest in the world of Entertainment. Plus, some of the "Strangest" news you might hear of. Additionally, Delany Herring sits down to talk about The Bachelor. Ryan Crist has all the movie news you could need. All this plus more on tonight's episode of Ramlife Entertainment. This is the first show I produced. 


This video was produced by Colorado-based video production company, V3 Media Marketing. The goal of this corporate video was to capture a video testimonial from Jenna Baker of Rodelle Kitchen about her experience with the services of V3 Media. In this video, Jenna Baker talks about the indispensable usefulness of video in the Food and Beverage industry, and the power of video to convey information for recipes and food preparation.


The goal of this video interview series was to document a customer testimonial from a client discussing their experience with V3 Media video production services. In this video, Aqua-Hot President and CEO Paul Harter talks about the value of hiring an experienced team of video and marketing professionals to create the perfect video for your needs.

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