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Expanding Students Horizons

Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia
The Twelve Apostles, Melbourne
Downtown Auckland, New Zealand
Glacier Falls, New Zealand
The Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Colorado State University encourages their students to study abroad during their time as a college student and with new programs always being added, interest has increased.

The offices of Education Abroad contains a combination of experiences where students can enroll in different international universities, can go on exchange programs, or participate in some of the short-term programs that are faculty-led. With these programs faculty in different departments can pick areas or topics they are interested in and work with education abroad to make a two-week educational experience for students.

These programs are currently on the rise, with the most amounts of people taking part in these in the 2014-2015 school year, and with all of the new programs they are making this years numbers are bound to be growing. Anna Gerber, Communications Manager of the Office of International Studies says these programs are growing in numbers because “[students] know what they are studying and they are familiar with the professor they are going with so it’s a much more meaningful experience even though they are shorter, and because they are shorter they fit better into peoples schedules.”


One of the faculty-led programs that are new this year happens to be in the Journalism and Media Communication department. From May 27 to July 10, 2016, students can go to Italy and Croatia to fine tune their journalism skills. In this program you can pick if you want to spend four weeks in Urbino, Italy or cross the ocean over to Croatia, or do both. In Urbino students can learn the nuts and bolts of journalism, while Croatia lets you explore more of travel journalism whether it is writing, video, or photography.  

Journalism faculty members, Greg Luft and Steve Weiss are co-teaching the program, with the help of CSU alum Ashley Colburn who has made travel journalism her career. This unique program provides students with the opportunity to immerse them into a world where many students end up in once they graduate. Weiss said that these programs are great because “it is just a chance to extend or expand on what we do in here to a niche group”.


The idea behind these short-term faculty-led programs seems to be helping the students who take part in them; since they spend do much time with professors and people who actually work in the industry. Journalism student, Molly    

Baltzer went to Australia and New Zealand over winter break and said that the connections Professor Pete Seel had greatly impacted the program. When talking about her experiences down under, Baltzer said “Instead of being stuck in a classroom listening to a lecture we were actually visiting journalism related sites and making connections in the industry…. the hands on activities were far more beneficial than sitting and looking at a screen because we were able to see how the behind the scenes works and talk about the real work that goes into these businesses.”

Wellington, New Zealand
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Great Ocean Road, Melbourne
Auckland's Sky Tower, New Zealand
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