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Nicole's Ninety Seconds

 In January 2017 I began producing a series on my Youtube page called Nicole's Ninety Seconds. It allows me to create videos from the ground up, and to talk about entertainment stories. 

Through this project I learned how to write content for younger audiences and make the videos less "newsy" and more relatable for younger audiences.

These are some of the videos I have made.


The 4th of July might be over... but Chris Evans, Kristen Bell, and the Kardashians had some fun celebrating the holiday!


Nicole Heins talks about the latest in viral food trends! She talks about a taco pizza, Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino and McDonalds new ordering app. Have your snacks ready!


This week was great for music videos and trailers... James Corden and Usher sang their hearts out in the car, The Stranger Things season 2 trailer was released and Demi Lovato released a music video for her song Sorry Not Sorry.


Nicole Heins talks about everything that happened at the MTV Movie and Television awards on May 7th, 2017! Check it out for yourself!


This week its all about music! Check it out!

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